Beach Home Designs was named a top Malibu Beach house expert by Redfin. Check out the article we were featured in: [Oceanfront Opulence: 8 Tips for Designing a Stunning Malibu Beach House | Redfin]

Tip # 1:  Plan, Plan and Plan Some More

If you’re going to build a beach home in Malibu or any coastal area, you’ll need a good set of construction plans first.  Proper planning is the most important step before building.  This should not be rushed, but well thought out.  Once construction begins, the process goes quickly and then it’s difficult and costly to make changes.  Consider hiring a good building designer or architect who specializes in beach homes.  Or you can purchase a plan online and have the building designer customize it for your lot.  Most firms offer this service.

Tip #2: Know your Lot and Views

When planning your Malibu beach home, the first step is to thoroughly get to know your lot and any available ocean views. You’ll want to plan your beach house to maximize and showcase all the natural scenery. If you’re building a 2 or 3 story house it may be difficult to guess those locations.  I recommend to my clients to borrow or purchase a drone to record video at the height your future home will be. 

Tip #2: Consider the Sun’s Location

It’s important to consider the sun’s location on your lot throughout the day. You may want to capture sunrise or sunset views or avoid too much sun coming straight into your windows in some instances.  Knowing where the sun is on your lot will help you better plan window arrangements, roof overhangs and covered decks or porches. 

Tip #3: Strategize Window & Door Arrangements for Views

Think about your window and door locations carefully.  Consider using large picture windows in prime viewing areas instead of operable windows.  Picture windows provide more glass area without the metal center frame that can come right at eye level to distract your view.  You may also want vaulted ceilings or higher walls to add upper and lower window combinations to gain additional views. Try maximizing the use of windows by using angled walls so you can fit more windows in a smaller area. 

Tip $4: Design Outdoor Living Areas with Importance

Planning outdoor areas is just as important as indoor areas on the coast. This step should not be an afterthought. Your decks, porches and yard will become prime usable living areas.  Consider whether you want covered or uncovered decks, pergolas, or gazebos.  Maybe you want a widow’s walk, an elevated deck typically above your roof.  Will you want a pool or jacuzzi?  If so, will you want it in the sun or shade?  How about a tiki bar, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower or putting green?  Plan your outdoor areas with as much thought as indoor spaces and you will be happy you did so.

Reference the Photo taken by Beach Home Designs, LLC. 2023.  This photo is a home we recently designed on a 50’ x 100’ lot located on Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina where we maximized views of a waterway canal behind the house, the ocean on the south-east side and the intracoastal waterway on the north-west side.  We added high ceilings and taller picture windows with transoms above set at angled walls to utilize views from all directions. The owners also opted for a widow’s walk to see the entire island and enjoy sunrises and sunsets.  There is an outdoor bar behind a drop-down coiling door just beyond the pool.  The pool was maximized in the space allowed by the town.